Our Omology Yoga teachers each bring their own little something special to the mat when they teach. 




Kylie is the owner and founder of Omology Yoga. She has more than 10 years of experience practicing yoga and thousands of teaching hours.


Passionate about sequencing and theming as key drivers in the class experience, Kylie guides her students on a journey of self-growth and discovery through movement and sweat each class.


Known for her strong, mindfully constructed & music-driven vinyasa flows, Kylie brings her goofy 90’s-child sense of humour to the mat, encouraging students to be lighthearted and have fun in their pursuit of new things.


A self-professed foodie, when she’s not on the mat, you can find her (still) lululemon-clad enjoying a glass of wine or sweating it out over a bowl of soup noodles. Because life’s about balance ;)






Josephine started her yoga journey back in 2009. It was one class & she was hooked! She had never done any other form of exercise prior & yoga seemed to be feasible enough to keep coming back to. Over the years, her journey has taken her through various forms & styles of practice, as she believes we are all ever evolving & growing. For every different stage in your life, there will always be a form of yoga that you will resonate closely with as you learn to create your own form of "balance" - finding Yin to your Yang, or Ida to Pingala. Wherever your yoga journey takes you, Josephine believes that one should never stop exploring, keeping in mind to always lead with your heart. 








Yasmin is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She is trained in Yin Yoga, sound healing, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She started practising yoga in 2007. Subsequently she realised the gifts of yoga go beyond the physical benefits. She has since completed more than 1000 hours of training. She enjoys both Yang and Yin and sound healing where her practice ranges from power Vinyasa to Yin/Restorative with a focus on alignment in yoga poses while moving with steady breathing. She hopes to have students leaving the mat feeling rejuvenated, stronger and more flexible.






A former corporate bossbabe, Wendy began her yoga journey 3 years ago in her mid-40s — yes! It’s not too late to start yoga if you’re in your 40s!


With her warm smile and outgoing personality, Wendy’s classes not only invite you in for a great Flow class experience, but also for a hearty chat.


Her ability to connect with people makes her teaching dynamic, interactive and accessible.




What began as an attempt to restart her active lifestyle after years of lacking physical activity soon turned into an inevitable part of her life as Abigail discovered how yoga helped overcome personal issues she struggled with, particularly on imperfections and body image.

Hailing from a cardio-heavy fitness background, Abigail enjoys strong and sweaty practices, inviting students to flow through creative yet powerful sequences with emphasis on breath-movement connection. She looks forward to create an energetic, engaging and fun, yet safe and welcoming environment for everyone to practice in.




Ying Ting's yoga journey started by having seen her parents casually going for yoga and meditation classes years ago. Being the restless soul that she is, who was curious and craving for a more balanced exercise, decided to drop in for a few yoga classes.

From then on, she fell in love with the practice. No matter where she is, she just had to come back to the mat. Throughout the years she has had the privilege to meet many beautiful beings throughout her yoga journey, those of whom who have built her practice over the past 6 years. This includes Kylie whom she attended her RYT200 training with in 2020.

Her self-practice has gradually become more than just the physical. She believes yoga is an ever evolving inward-focused practice and she wishes to translate that mind-body-soul connection into her teaching, blending feel-good flow with alignment instruction.

Ying Ting

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