Our Omology Yoga teachers each bring their own little something special to the mat when they teach. 




Kylie is the owner and founder of Omology Yoga. She has more than 10 years of experience practicing yoga and thousands of teaching hours.


Passionate about sequencing and theming as key drivers in the class experience, Kylie guides her students on a journey of self-growth and discovery through movement and sweat each class.


Known for her strong, mindfully constructed & music-driven vinyasa flows, Kylie brings her goofy 90’s-child sense of humour to the mat, encouraging students to be lighthearted and have fun in their pursuit of new things.


A self-professed foodie, when she’s not on the mat, you can find her (still) lululemon-clad enjoying a glass of wine or sweating it out over a bowl of soup noodles. Because life’s about balance ;)






Amber is a Registered Yoga Teacher (“RYT”) in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. She started practising yoga to relieve lower back pain.  Subsequently she realised the gifts of yoga go beyond physical where yoga brings clarity and cultivates a level of mindfulness, stillness and fearlessness that can be applied in her daily life. 


She enjoys both Yang and Yin yoga where her practice ranges from Vinyasa to Yin /Restorative with a focus on fundamental alignment in yoga poses while moving with steady breathing. 


Amber hopes to have students leaving the mat feeling rejuvenated, re-energised, stronger and more flexible.





Chloe is a 250hr RYT and has studied under Julie Montagu and Ambra Vallo in London. Her yoga journey started with wanting to alleviate pains from lordosis and mild scoliosis but she soon learnt that the practice goes so much more beyond the physical. Chloe is passionate about sharing both the physical and mental benefits of yoga and cultivating more mindfulness on and off the mat. A yoga flow with Chloe is about tuning in to your breath and body and having the space to play and explore in the poses.





Practising for over 15 years now and also teaching for the past 4 years;- Jenifer’s main philosophy is always be a student first. Her intention is to inspire, motivate and share her knowledge of yoga to everyone so that they connect with their inner self and radiate their true potential.
Jen incorporates a holistic approach in her teaching style, influenced by her own experience as a practitioner of Sivananda's Hatha yoga. The basis of her teaching philosophy is that yoga can benefit all body types, gender, and basically anyone. The base of her classes focuses on breath, while leading students through a series of vinyasa to discover their potential.
Jen’s classes are accessible to beginners, while also challenging for intermediate students as well as advanced students- with individual attention paid to each student and their progress. Her aim is always to guide and help every practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and radiate positivity.





A Finance Manager by day and a yogi by night who will bring balance to your books and body. She loves inspiring others to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a past background of numerous physical activities i.e., gym, long-distance running, hiking, scuba diving and rock climbing, she has finally settled her down comfortably with yoga. She believes that just by focusing on one’s self during the hour of yoga practice makes a whole lot of difference to not only the physical body, but also the subconscious mind. 


Her yoga style focuses on Hatha incorporated in a dynamic Vinyasa flow which are energetic, compassionate, humorous and fun, all at the same time! Besides the fun, she looks to create a nurturing and safe environment for students to be mindful of the inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit for yogis of all levels.






Certified 200hr Yoga Alliance. Certified Forrest Yoga Bodyworker. Certified Pre/Post Natal Yoga. Has been teaching for 3 years, mostly Vinyasa and Yin. Personally, when students successfully find full relaxation in Yin practice through the breath, it brings joy to my heart.






Josephine started her yoga journey back in 2009. It was one class & she was hooked! She had never done any other form of exercise prior & yoga seemed to be feasible enough to keep coming back to. Over the years, her journey has taken her through various forms & styles of practice, as she believes we are all ever evolving & growing. For every different stage in your life, there will always be a form of yoga that you will resonate closely with as you learn to create your own form of "balance" - finding Yin to your Yang, or Ida to Pingala. Wherever your yoga journey takes you, Josephine believes that one should never stop exploring, keeping in mind to always lead with your heart. 






​Matthew has practised Yoga since he was a teenager. He lived in India for 7 years where he learned the yoga technique in Shivanada. He studied further Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Asanas at the KryaYoga Ashram under Swami Shanker Ananda Giri. He also studied Ashtanga Yoga at Mysore.
He has been in Malaysia since 2006 where he teaches intermediate and advance level classes.
Since 2009 he has developed a strong interest in the Tripsichore technique (movement with breath) under the teaching of Edward Clarke. It is the key component of his teachings today.

Sue Lynn





Sue Lynn has been a yoga practitioner since 2015 and found that the practice gives her the peace and balance in life that she has been seeking. 


Now a Certified 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, she wants to share her love of the practice, and at the same time learn from every student she encounters. Her yoga style is Hatha Vinyasa based, and she aims to inspire people to gain more self awareness on their mind and body by guiding them through proper alignment and breathing techniques.






Vanessa is an energetic, confident and personable yoga practitioner with over 8 years of training. She obtained her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) in 2015.
Vanessa is a proficient practitioner and teacher in several flows of yoga which include; Dynamic, Vinyasa, Hot, Gentle, Airflow and private training.
She envisions the art and practice of yoga in everyday life. She celebrates the diverse range of yoga practices throughout our globe and seeks to enhance each students’ unique abilities and strengths when practicing yoga. Combining the physical, mental and spiritual in everyday practice to bring about peace and enlightment to everyone she interacts with.





In search of a low impact physical activity to relieve pains from scoliosis, Sandra found yoga 4 years ago and was taken by her very first experience being guided through Atha (being in the 'now') practice, and returned to class the very next day, and the next, and the next.
Since then she has been taking her yoga studies deeper under the tutelage of Manoj Kaimal. In 2016, she took her Yoga Alliance TTC 200hrs and found fulfillment in sharing knowledge and wisdom with other practitioners.
She has a love for Alambana (support) Yoga, which isn't a particular style of yoga, but instead is an approach to alignment-specific yoga that is assisted by props, allowing the practitioner to modify and adjust poses to their specific capabilities - whether to deepen a pose, or alleviate the depth of a pose to accommodate or rehabilitate injuries.
She believes in creating a strong and safe foundation for any yoga practice, and will integrate the necessary techniques required to instill the practice of deliberate and conscientious movement, in support of any branch of yoga a practitioner may prefer.
Come join Sandra and work up a sweat or relieve a tired mind, stretch out and create space in your body and heart for a deeper practice, or just indulge in a fun flow!





Adele has always believed in movement as beneficial for both body and mind. A B.A in Psychology, coupled with a deep personal interest in healing and movement led her to a deeper study and practice of yoga and meditation. She has been on her personal yoga journey since 2011 and is presently a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 level with basic Ayurveda knowledge, and hours more of  immersions and training in myofascial release, bodywork, reiki and energetic healing modalities, that are integrated into her approach.  In January 2017, she earned YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed Provider) and E-RYT 200 status. Based in Kuala Lumpur, she teaches private and group Yin, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga classes.Her own practice continues to be essential to her way of life and teaching; traveling frequently to study, teach and train with teachers, to deepen her practice, develop better skills and continue to be inspired so she can share the same with her students





Originally from Shiraz, Iran, Yasaman is a certified hatha yoga and meditation teacher. She has completed her Masters degree in Physiology and has been working as a yoga teacher for 7 years.


Yasi stumbed into her first yoga class in 2007 seeking a remedy for IBS. In 2010 she was hoping that she would be able to share her experiences with others, so she enrolled herself in a 300 hr. yoga and meditation teacher training course under The Centre of Sports Therapy and Sport Science Research of Shiraz University. Three years later (May 2013) she decided to expand her knowledge so she enrolled in another 300 hr International Yoga Teacher Training course with the Iran Yoga Association.


Yasi is interested in yoga therapy and mental health, mindfulness and Physical Therapy. She has a real desire to help others reach their goal for a healthier life. She has strong passion for understanding both modern medicines and ancient teachings, philosophy and practices of yoga. Her yoga classes combine modern fitness science with ancient hatha yoga to bring harmony and health to mind and body.

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