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My loves, it really takes a village of talented people to make this space run smoothly and feel like a community. I am beyond grateful every day for our OMOLOGY team. They are all incredible women that are truly such a joy to work with.

This week I sat down with Yasi, Jade and Abi, our talented studio instructors and the friendly faces of your weekly OMOLOGY ONLINE Yoga classes, to chat about all things OMOLOGY, life as a Yoga teacher, living in KL and their current faves. A fun conversation that will introduce you to the women behind the flows!


What is your favourite thing about being an OMOLOGY instructor?

JADE: The people! The team. They make me feel at home.

ABI: The students. Every studio comes with its own community and ours is great. They are first and foremost why I arrive on the mat each week. And of course our team and team dinners!

YASI: Awww *grins and brings hands to heart*. It's like a home for me. It has always been like a home, a safe space. Whenever I wanna talk to someone, whenever I feel low in energy, I come to OMOLOGY and I feel so safe.


What does a typical morning look like for you, before a day of work?

JADE: I would try to meditate but I can't wake up in time haha, so mainly I would say, coffee. Straight away I go to the kitchen and make a coffee. Even before I came here to film, see? *gestures to travel coffee cup*. I try to get a good breakfast in. Recently I've also been very into avocado toast, so I'll get some avocados and fry an egg and put it on the sourdough bread that I baked.

ABI: Really boring! haha For real! I'm the kind of person that sets my alarm to wake up exactly 1 hour before I need to leave the house. It is just enough time to get ready. I really prioritise sleep. I think sleep is so underrated!

YASI: My morning routine is a short shower, then Sassy-Yasi make-up *puckers ruby-red lips* haha, and then breakfast, usually something nourishing like vegetables and beans and then ready to go to work!


If you weren't teaching Yoga, what would you be doing?

JADE: I've always wanted to go into music. Since I was young, I always dreamed of being a singer. But then as I grew older I realised maybe I'm not that good at it haha. But yeah, I would be good with something in the music industry whether as a musician, a writer, or composing music.

ABI: Travelling! This has been on my mind a lot lately. In the next 10 years I would like to be able to take time off work and spend it just travelling from place to place.

YASI: I would never imagine myself in any other job, but if I have to choose something else, I would work in a museum. Like a natural science museum. Because I worked in a museum 10 years ago and I loved it so much! Butterflies everywhere, studying all of the amazing creatures and insects. You spend most of the time with yourself. Actually that's why I love it, because it's always like a mediation for me.

If you had to choose one OMOLOGY ONLINE class to practice for the rest of your life, what would it be?

JADE: I think I would do FLOW + YIN. It's the best of both worlds.

ABI: Hmmm I like variety, but if I had to choose one class, I think it would be FLOW.



What music is on heavy rotation for you at the moment?

JADE: I always play my Yoga playlists haha. Sometimes I don't know exactly what songs are inside. But I really like Novo Amor. I just randomly discovered them on Spotify. When I first heard them I couldn't understand what they were saying, until I read the lyrics and I was like "oh! it's quite deep!" haha. I quite like the song "Keep Me".

ABI: 2000’s rock. It’s not your typical Yoga music but I always try to slip one or two tracks into my class playlist.

YASI: DJ Taz Rashid.

When you’re not instructing, what is your go-to day off activity?

JADE: Reading or probably getting a massage or facial...or SLEEPING!! haha

ABI: I am usually quite active so if it's a legit off day then I am spending it eating and sleeping!!

YASI: I like hiking or climbing. But if I would be honest, I also love sleeping and wine haha. These are my go-to for the weekend.


What's a secret talent you have that no one knows about?

JADE: I can sleep anywhere. I'm introverted, so with social situations I always need to recharge halfway. Sometimes when I go out to a bar, if I need to rest for a while, I'll sleep at the bar!

ABI: I could eat a whole 12 inch pizza to myself! I can eat a lot more than most people assume.

YASI: I am pretty talkative so everyone knows about everything! I think most people know this but I consider it a talent that I can speak like a kid. I used to be a voice actor for children's shows when I was young.

Kuala Lumpur is such a fantastic place to call home. What is your favourite thing about living/working in KL?

JADE: The food! I feel like we have a lot of varieties: cafés, Mamak, Chinese food, Korean, there's everything.

ABI: The food, the people. Oh gosh, that sounds so generic!

YASI: The first things is, it is so embracing. The people are so nice. They give you the feeling of being at home. They just talk to you like an old friend. And also there's always one common topic for everyone: FOOD! So there's always something to talk about with a group of people.


And last but not least, what’s your go-to mantra/quote when you need a boost?

JADE: The one that I shared during my first training community class class by the Korean monk Haemin Sunim: "We are worthy of being loved not because of what we do well but because we a re precious living beings. Even if you don't achieve the perfection the world demands, your existence already has value and is worthy of love."

ABI: "You will look back and thank yourself for doing this" and "most people regret the things they didn't do, not the things they did".

YASI: Can I say it in Sansrkit? "Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah". I really love that. In English it means, "may everyone be happy and safe".


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