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A place where I get real and vulnerable in sharing my thoughts on practicing Yoga, Teacher trainings, being a woman in business, and all things wellness.



My name is Kylie. I am the owner and founder of OMOLOGY a yoga and wellness digital platform and yoga training school. I am an ERYT-500 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and I have been a practicing student for more than a decade (wow, it literally sounds like an eternity when put that way lol). I am Canadian and me and my little yoga studio are currently based in hot and humid Malaysia (I could not do Canadian winters anymore 🥶).

I am probably not your typical "yoga teacher". I am loud, I like to joke and be casual during my classes, my playlists feature everything from LIZZO to KINGS OF LEON, I swear 😬, and my Type-A personality is beyond passionate about sequencing and theming as vital elements in a great yoga class experience.

Yoga is, and has always been my grounding force and my happy place. It brings me unlimited joy to share the practice and all its magic with others, especially in the form of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings which are basically 200 hours of opportunity for me to nerd out over all of the things yoga.

I’ve always loved writing and the connection that comes through shared experiences. Over the years I’ve shared a lot about my experience in the yoga and wellness industry on both my personal Instagram page @yogakylie and Omology's @omologyoga, but lately I’ve been craving a space where I can share a little more and without a word count limit. Your girl's got the gift of gab.

Some topics I'm excited to chat about:

-tips for teaching & practicing yoga

-my favourite wellness products & places

-life abroad

-yoga teacher trainings


Basically everything I am into. If you’re already subscribed to our studio's email newsletters you’ll automatically receive notifications for new blog posts. If you’re not, and you'd like to hear from me, subscribe here .

Chat soon.



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