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Our weekly class drops are always one of the following classes: 101, Flow, Vinyasa, Core, or Flow + Yin and IMMERSION.



A great class for newcomers to yoga and experienced practitioners alike, this class will challenge your muscle endurance as you’re guided through a flow sequence of yoga postures at a moderate pace allowing time to engage and become familiar with key poses. The focus in this class is on building strong foundations, correcting alignment and establishing breath connection with movement.



Sometimes you just need a really nice flow; a place where you can focus on coordinating breath with continual movement. This class is exactly that! Unwind and get moving in this challenging yet accessible all-levels class. The flow will keep you moving and inspired as each class is unique. Flow classes are also accessible to beginners.



In this energizing practice we will move dynamically from one posture to another, synchronizing our breath with our movements. Here you will experience creative transitions, unique flows and advanced posture variations. A challenging practice physically, this class is recommended for intermediate students who enjoy a vigorous, fast-paced (and sweaty!) practice.



This class is the best of both worlds! The first half of class features an energizing Flow sequence which is then followed by deep muscle release and a meditative state in the second half: the Yin practice. Yin yoga features slow movements and long-held, supported postures. Suitable for all levels, this practice is a great compliment to our more active classes as it restores balance and improves flexibility/mobility.



This class is a challenging fusion of core-strengthening exercises and yoga postures blended together to form a strong, dynamic, athletic flow. A total-body workout, this class will tone, strengthen and build stamina.



This is our signature workout class. A spicy little work-OUT AND a work-IN combo featuring all the heart-pumping action of a HIIT class mixed with the mindfulness and intention of Yoga.

Repetitive strength & cardio-based movements, are set to powerful music inviting students to dig deep in moments of challenge and discomfort. The playlists are always lit, and we move one beat at a time.


Designed to provide all of the cardiovascular exercise and muscle engagement that we don't usually get from the yoga practice, this class will take you on a journey of physical and mental resilience, leaving you empowered in your mind and body.

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