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Book a private session for yourself or a group of friends with any of our knowledgable instructors. These classes are excellent for students with specific needs or goals. It's also a nice option if you're not comfortable practicing in a public, group class environment but would also like the opportunity to practice outside of your home space and with studio equipment. Our teaching team is trained in injury management as well as pre/postnatal Yoga.


1 - 2 PAX


3 - 5 PAX


6 - 10 PAX






In-person + online offerings starting at RM1,500/hour



Running an online business, we are no strangers to the aches + pains that come with prolonged desk-work +, although we're big into wellness, we're not immune to stress either. Fortunately, Yoga is an amazing movement practice that can relieve built-up tension in the physical body + improve our mental wellbeing at the same time.


Our corporate classes are excellent as a standalone team event, or can be a thoughtful addition to any webinar. Completely customisable for your team's unique needs, we are skilled in constructing engaging, beginner-level movement classes + meditations that will help your people feel their best.

To elevate your next team event, kindly drop us a line at .

Middle-aged and overweight in mid 2018, and having suffered from a slipped disc previously, I knew a lifestyle change was in order but I eschewed yoga for anything that didn’t show up my inflexibility (certainly not before a lululemon cohort). Enter Yoga with Kylie at Omology.

Super experienced yet patient enough to be amazing with beginners and those with prior injuries. Pernickety with posture but wielding the most hilarious and accurate analogies that make you correct it intuitively. Versatility to blend in yin with yang depending on what the day/session calls for. Seamlessly infuses the subtler aspects of yoga with the physical practice. Highly effective blend of seeming contradictions: much like yoga’s “effort without tension and relaxation without dullness”.

Depending on the day and the mirror some adjectives still hold. However, am now significantly more flexible and feel all the better for it with the wheel pose no longer an impossibility. More importantly, Kylie’s tutelage has been and continues to be invaluable in my journey towards a better me.


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