Events & Workshops

With Stacey Lau


4:00PM - 6:30PM

Many life experiences can trigger us to journey inward toward self-discovery. Perhaps we are at a crossroad, or we are dreaming of finding our purpose; maybe we are inspired to change but still procrastinating or feel obstructed to move forward because of fear or unpleasant thought patterns from past experiences.


No matter what you are encountering now, there are ways to elevate our state of pure bliss and joy or to untangle our cluttered mind from these obstructions in life.

As our year comes to a close, join us to "let go" and connect deeply to your authentic self to discover your full potential.

"The Flow into You" workshop is a specially curated yoga and meditation session that will take you on an immersive, inward journey of discovery.

This beautiful 2.5 hrs session includes:

  • A signature 90 mins "Elemental" inspired yoga flow

  • Pranayama

  • A guided ‘mirror meditation’ to balance the “5 inner elements” – the Fire, Wind, Air, Space and Earth, which are also known as the “subtle energetic self”. 


The guided ‘mirror meditation’ session is an especially profound experience that is unique to this workshop.

Practitioners of all levels are welcome.



A little about Stacey:

Stacey teaches regularly at our studio. She conducts yoga classes in both beginner & intermediate level. Highly passionate in guiding students to build self-awareness of their mind & body through the practice of Atha (Attentive) & Tanu (Thinning) which helps with grounding and arriving in the present moment.  She teaches Yoga as an internal practice which encourages an attitude of compassion rather than competition, focusing on exploration rather than destination.  Her greatest belief in her teaching and practice was being in a pose itself can often teach us the greatest lessons – about breath, about strength, about patience, about acceptance, about courage and about letting go.


MasterClass Flow with Aaron Wik


2:00PM - 5:00PM


And leading our LAST workshop of 2019!

New flows and new techniques in this powerful 3-hour Masterclass practice.


For those who are new to the concept of "Masterclass", it essentially means a longer class practice just like the Vinyasa classes you enjoy at our studio. The longer time frame allows us the opportunity to ease into the practice, and warm our bodies up for more challenging postures and transitions and then cool down appropriately for Savasana!


And of course, we will still finish off the session with a short Yin practice in Aaron's signature style.

**Please note this class is not recommended for beginners.


A little about Aaron:

Born in Sri Lanka, Aaron is a personal trainer, body transformation coach and yoga teacher. Aaron offers a deep knowledge from his diverse studies including yoga, personal fitness coaching and professional Muay Thai kickboxing.


As a teenager, Aaron faced difficulty with weight management which led him to begin researching nutrition and fitness.


He has dedicated more than nine years to his research, perfecting his knowledge in the fitness field and simultaneously mastering the application of his findings in several different training methods, techniques and diets.


After seeing the benefits of yoga and how the practices and the philosophies can be used in everyday life, he has now fully immersed himself in the practice of yoga.


As a teacher, Aaron`s goal is to help you understand the values and the potential growth you can experience by building a daily yoga practice both on and off the mat.


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