Frequently Asked Questions:Online Classes

1.How do I book a Livestream class?

Livestream yoga classes can be joined through the "Live Class Schedule" page on our website. You will need to have a package with Omology Online to sign up. There are two options for Omology Online: 1) you can purchase access to a single Livestream class using a Classcard, OR 2) you can join via the Yoga Unlimited monthly subscription. Our Livestream classes are also available on ClassPass.

2.What do I need to bring for the ZOOM livestream classes?

Just yourself and the mat. However if you are someone who regularly uses props, you are free to keep those close and within reach. Usually we will give a shout out on instagram if you need to prepare props before hand. Props can always be substituted, for example pillows instead of bolsters, towels instead of straps, books instead of blocks! As it is an online class, please take your time and be aware of your movements as our teachers can't be physically there to guide you.

Other tips:

  • Make sure your ZOOM app is up to date and your internet connection is lookin' good

  • Be about 10-15 minutes early to make sure that everything works. If not you can reach out to us on Instagram!

  • To launch a class, you can go to your email and there should be an email send to you upon registration that can lead you there. If not log into your account and go to said class and enter the class from there.

  • Be patient with us. Sometimes you'll be waiting in the waiting room for a while before a teacher admits you because we're trying to get through all the tech setup :)

3.If my ZOOM livestream class didn't go well can I get a refund?

Classes are not refundable unless there were technical issues from our side. While classes are ongoing, our admin monitors the class stream to make sure everything is alright. Any disruptions such as sound or video could be due to your device or internet. Zoom will usually notify you that your internet connection isn't stable.

4.When is the lastest by which I can book a class or cancel?

The latest time that we can accept bookings is 5 minutes before a class. Cancellations can be made 6 hours prior to a class start time. Please note: cancellations made within the late cancel window will result in the forfeiture of a class credit for students joining with a Classcard.

5.I'm running late for class. Can I just join in the middle of it?

The same rule applies for both physical and livestream classes. We do not admit students if they are late. Safety is important to us and missing the start of a class means that you miss the warmups. This can lead to injury. It is a yogi's responsibility to come to class on time. Latecomers will be marked as a no-show and you will forfeit your credit.

You can always tune in to replays once they are uploaded! So don't rush yourself!

6.Will classes get cancelled?

Classes will get cancelled if there are not enough participants registered and/or in the case that a teacher has an emergency. You will be notified through email.

7. What can affect the sound/video for the class?

There are so many factors that come into play with livestream classes.


If you are experiencing problems during a class you can write a message in the chat on ZOOM or contact us on Instagram after class. From there we will cross-check with our audio/video admin team if the issues were on our end. If not, it could either be from your internet connection or your device. So far we've noticed that the sound can be different for you if you use your earpods/headphones/earphones or simply that you have a different device.

8. What do I do if there's something wrong during class?

If there's an issue, you can un-mute yourself and notify the teacher of your problems.

9. Will on-demand classes get deleted in the future?

Yes, at any time in the future we reserve the right to add or remove videos, replays, and livestream classes.