We do things a little different here on Omology Online.


Our pre-recorded classes combine the daily practice of yoga, with weekly physical conditioning for a strong and resilient yoga practice that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.


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7 different, full-length 60-minute yoga classes will be released every Sunday at 10:00PM GMT+8. They will be accessible to complete for 7 days before expiring so that you can move through your daily practice at a pace and timing that suits your lifestyle.

Our class drops are intentionally curated to deliver a balanced practice experience as each class varies in intensity and also targets entirely different muscle groups from the previous day's session.


Each of our daily classes comes with its own specially curated playlist for you to flow along to, linked for you in the class description.



We love a good sweat. This is why we created the IMMERSION. This class is where we work all of the muscles and cardio that the yoga practice doesn't target.


We release a new IMMERSION workout every Sunday 10:00PM GMT + 8. You have one week to complete it before it expires.

It's a challenging class, but the exercises each week vary. So fear not: if you don't love burpees as much as we do, you won't see them two weeks in a row ;)

Not feeling the class of the day/workout of the week? Each of our memberships have libraries with tons of other options which are refreshed regularly to avoid choice fatigue.


Our YOGA library contains a full range of yoga classes, alignment tutorials, guided breathing techniques, meditations, and soundbaths. Likewise, our IMMERSION library has extra workouts available, giving you the freedom to add more cardio and strength training to your movement practice when you want it. We want you to be able to take whatever kind of practice you need, when you need it.


These are unique from our class libraries as they are a one-time purchase and yours to practice for eternity thereafter even if you don't hold an active membership. We like to build bundles with specialty classes and courses that will help you develop your practice.


Like to be social? We do too. We offer occasional LIVESTREAM classes, challenges, and workshops which we believe are a fun way to bring our amazing community together through movement. Stay tuned to our social channels for our next LIVESTREAM event.


We offer two different types of memberships. Both are auto-debit. We recommend signing up for BOTH as they are meant to be complimentary movement practices that will help you build strength and resilience in your body and mind.




Access to each of our daily 60-minute yoga classes, and a full range of meditation classes, soundbaths, alignment tutorials and yoga classes in our on-demand class library.





Access to each of our weekly 45-minute IMMERSION workouts, as well as a range of additional classes in our on-demand class library.