A yoga teacher training is such a transformative experience and we are so happy that you are considering embarking on your 200-hour journey with us.


Whether you aspire to teach yoga or simply wish to deepen your own personal yoga practice, this training is for you.


We've created 2 training programs (one in-person and one online) that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to teach and practice from an empowered place of authenticity and compassion.


Our in-person course is offered in 2 modules. Students can choose to attend one at a time, or both concurrently. Both modules must be completed within one (1) year to receive certification at the 200-hour level. In-person modules cannot be combined with online hours.


May 9th - June 5th


7:30AM - 5:30PM

**Deadline to apply: April 30, 2022


RM11,500 (RM5,750/module)

Deposit RM2,000











MODULE 1 May 9th - May 22nd

Practicum 1 : May 21st & 22nd




Pranayama & Kriyas

Asana Practice

Breakfast Break


Lunch Break (lunch is provided)

Teaching Methods


Yin & Muscle Recovery

MODULE 2 May 23rd - June 5th

Practicum 2: June 4th & 5th 



Pranayama & Kriyas

Asana Practice

Breakfast Break


Lunch Break (lunch is provided)

Teaching Methods


Yin & Muscle Recovery

2022 YTT200 ONLINE

Join from anywhere in the world. Learn at your own pace! The training materials are a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students will have 6 months to complete the coursework and apply for graduation. Online modules cannot be combined with in-person hours.


Oct 31st - Nov 25th (LIVE CLASSES)



**Deadline to apply: October 20th 2022.



Deposit RM2,000




20 x 2 hour livestream Asana masterclasses

Monday to Friday

October 31st - November 25th

7:00AM Malaysian time GMT + 8


15 x 1 hour livestream Anatomy lectures

Monday to Friday,

November 7th - November 25th

8:00PM Malaysian time GMT + 8

*replays provided after class for any students who could not attend live.



Pre-recorded Yin classes for relieving tension in the body from the Yang practice.


Teaching Methods & Philosophy lectures are all pre-recorded in small, easily digestible videos.


We follow the same curriculum for both our online & in-person offerings. Our curriculum is made up of four major subjects of practice and study: Asana Practice, Functional Anatomy, Philosophy, and Teaching Methods. These topics are inherently interconnected and each of our daily training sessions are designed to reflect this.



Our daily classes will allow you the time and space to deepen and refine your own practice while learning effective teaching techniques to share with your future students.

  • 2 hours each day

  • Pranayama

  • Kriyas

  • Meditation techniques

  • Mudras and Bandhas

  • Sun Salutations and variations 

  • Yoga Asanas

  • Inversions and transitions

  • How to start a self-practice



We take a modern approach to our philosophical inquiry. We believe that the origins of the practice of yoga are essential for understanding the roots and intention behind our modern applications of the practice.

  • History of Yoga

  • The Yoga Sutras

  • The Yamas and Niyamas

  • Mantras and their uses

  • Nadis, Chakras and the energetic body

  • Mindfulness

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga teacher ethics




​Whether you are hoping to teach others, or intend to nurture a self-practice, here you will learn the ingredients for developing creative and effective full-length class sequences as well as safe postural adjustments.

  • Art of teaching verbally

  • Mirror teaching

  • Conducting demonstrations

  • Art of Sequencing

  • Theming

  • Adjustments Do's and Don'ts

  • Restorative assists

  • Advanced assists

  • Pregnancy and Yoga

  • Business of Yoga

  • Teaching Yoga Online

  • Inclusive Language



Our study of anatomy and physiology draws on yoga's innate potential to alleviate the physical and mental stresses of our modern daily life. We aim to ensure that the techniques we are teaching in class are safe, effective, and up-to-date. 

  • Anatomical directions and planes of movement

  • Physiological systems of the body

  • The spine

  • Major joints, stability and safety

  • Major muscles, flexibility and strength

  • Dysfunctions, movement limitations, common ailments, injury prevention

  • The nervous system and mental health

  • Myofascia and myofascial release





Lead Trainer

​Kylie is the owner and founder of Omology Yoga. She has completed yoga teacher trainings at the 200 and 300 hour level. She is also trained in Yin Yoga. Known for her strong, creative sequences and complimentary playlists, Kylie created this training in response to a need for sequence-based training curriculums. Through this training she hopes to provide trainees with the tools to graduate fully empowered in their skills and creativity as yoga teachers.




Anatomy and Physiology Trainer

A new member to our YTT teaching faculty, but a veteran in the Anatomy and Physiology discipline, Yasi brings her sass, humour, and wealth of knowledge to the Anatomy and Physiology section of our 200-hour trainings. With more than a decade of experience, both in teaching and practice, and a masters degree in Physiology, Yasi trains students to develop a practical awareness of specific muscular engagements and functions. She is also trained in Soundhealing and her incredible soundbaths are always a highly anticipated feature in our philosophical study of the Chakra system.



Our program is built by yogis who are passionate about all things teaching, learning, and self-growth which means that all of these elements are intentionally infused into the training experience. Some things we are particularly proud of:

  • Regional knowledge: No one tells you this, but: yoga varies from place to place. Both of our trainers have taught/practiced/lived/owned businesses in Canada, Malaysia, and Iran. So they have diverse perspectives to share.

  • Small groups: We don't believe in overpacking our trainings. We presently take in a maximum of only 10 students per training. This is for safety reasons (social distancing) and also so that we can ensure you receive personalized attention and feedback.

  • Teacher Mentorship Program: This is something extra special that all of our 200 Hour YTT students are entitled to. Graduates can apply to teach our weekly Community class for which they will receive detailed feedback & mentorship from their trainer.


Our 200-Hour programs are designed to be open to all levels of experience, (those who wish to teach and those who do not). Our trainings will cultivate an empowered yoga practice and personal evolution through self-discovery, while providing thorough preparation and mentorship for the aspiring yoga teacher.

In order to join our 200-hour programs, we suggest that you have been practicing yoga consistently for a minimum of 6 months. Upon full completion of the course, you will be qualified to join Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour Certified Teacher.



Here's what our recent graduates are saying:



This training really embodies what yoga is about, connection of mind, body and soul. I love that philosophy, anatomy and asanas are equally emphasized, as yoga really is about mind, body and soul connection. Emphasis on creativity in teaching without compromising the safety and alignment of poses; dedication to include the philosophy behind yoga beyond simple reasons such as of completion of syllabus; earnestness to guide and share knowledge to those who are sincere about learning and practicing yoga on and off mat.

Kylie's earnestness and dedication towards ensuring everyone learns and understands every segment of the training is really what makes this training different from others. When you share what you love with others, it just shows. The energy and passion Kylie brings forth to each of her curated sequences and classes is amazing. 'Nothing is without a purpose', Kylie really stayed true to that throughout her teaching and I love that.


Nina's excitement on anatomy is amazingly infectious with the silly Mr. Bones that we grew fond of. It is not easy to learn so many anatomical terms in a mere one week but somehow it is possible with Nina's guidance and I love that. And that daily myofascial segment, need I say more!



When I decided to take a Yoga Teacher Training this year, I took a long time researching trainings available in Malaysia. I was particularly drawn to Omology, as I always felt welcomed in their space, and the syllabus looked well-rounded and was clearly outlined in their website. I wanted to be educated and equipped with the full knowledge of Yoga, but nothing prepared me for such an immersive program that extends beyond knowledge. It was a full experience from learning about the history and philosophy of Yoga, to developing new habits like meditating and practising  pranayama; learning interesting ways of getting into asanas and proper alignment; applying what we learned about teaching methods from day one itself; discovering forgotten body parts and learning to engage and protect them in anatomy; falling in love with Yin Yoga when I previously swore I’d never attend a Yin class again; and starting the work from within. I appreciated the chance of doing two practicums from start to finish, as it helped us build confidence and teaching experience. On top of all these, we were graced with a special appearance from Yasmin, giving us a beautiful sound bath experience! From the first day, I knew that this training with Omology was meant for me.

I am eternally grateful for Kylie, for being the most passionate, dedicated, patient, kind and loving teacher anyone could ever have! She has poured her heart into this training, and it is evident in the class materials and the way she leads – nothing is without purpose! Kylie is just such a ball of light, guiding us through each day with great energy and humour; her unwavering support and encouragement throughout the training created such a safe environment for us to share and learn in. I am constantly inspired by her to be more compassionate and to learn to hold space for others and myself. I can’t imagine going through this training with anyone else.

I am also thankful for Nina, for having so much enthusiasm and love for Anatomy, making classes fun and interesting. She is just so adorable, especially when she’s using Mr. Bones to demonstrate. We also learned how to use myofascial balls to release tension in muscles – one of the many new discoveries I encountered which blew my mind.

I wish I could rewind time and go through the 4 weeks training again. I can’t get enough of it! I have met such wonderful people and found myself a yoga family that constantly cares and support one another. Thank you so much Omology, Kylie and Nina, for taking me on this journey with you. I am humbled by this experience and my life is completely transformed forever. It’s only the beginning, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with the world <3

IMG_5251 2.JPG


I have been searching for a YTT that is both spiritual and technical for years, and I am  glad I come across one locally in the heart of Malaysia. 

Kylie has designed this programme so comprehensively that not only did we attain a  deeper knowledge of yoga poses (asanas) and human anatomy, we learnt the philosophy aspect of yoga as well — understanding and acknowledging the origins of Yoga is equally  important, as a form of respect (culturally), as well as coming back to the  reason/intention behind our yoga practice on and off mat. Kylie definitely has her magical ways in making the teachings relatable and interesting.

Her teaching methods from cueing, sequencing to online teaching are truly essential and  applicable for practitioners who are trying to embark on a yoga sharing/teaching journey in this new normal. Kylie has been very clear, open and mindful about her  speech as a teacher, the purpose of each and every pose in a sequence and most  importantly treating yoga as a service — keeping students’ wellbeing in mind. Such  attitude has been humbling, inspiring and motivating for me to aspire to do better as a  student and hopefully as a teacher in future. With years of teaching experience under  her belt, she never stops doing her research, learning to teach better, and constantly  evolving with yoga — it shows in her work, in her art and in her craft. This, in my  opinion, plants a seed — a growth mindset — in all of us moving forward in our yoga  journey, regardless if we teach or not.


Incorporating the art and science of yoga, this YTT is immersive and adaptable enough  to be done on- and off-line. This YTT has not one but two teaching practicums that push me (the introverted self) out of my comfort zone and truly apply what I have learnt. Being thorough and attentive to details, Kylie has offered us honest and valuable  feedback throughout the training, which I appreciate very much. 

I would like to thank Kylie and Omology team for holding space (physically, mentally,  emotionally, energetically, you get the picture) for us practitioners to learn, question,  discuss and share our yoga experience in the past 1 month. 



They say taking a YTT is a life changing experience, and now that I've completed mine, I wholeheartedly agree - and am so glad I did it with Kylie and Omology Yoga. The course is a raw, honest experience. It's not fancy or grand -  but genuine and humbling. It allowed us to dig deep, doing both the inner and outer work.


The curriculum itself is very intensive, it's structured and scheduled in a way to deliver an immersive experience. It's long, and can be tiring but our trainers Kylie and Nina made every effort to support us, patiently guiding, teaching and answering all of our questions. 


The course is very well rounded and has a fantastic balance of both asana practice and theory. Never would I imagine I would love philosophy! I feel like I've taken what I learnt and integrated it into life now. Kylie took us through every chapter and humanised it, which really helped us understand and remember the different terms and theories. Anatomy isn't an easy subject for many, but Nina (and Mr Bones) taught us so much about our bodies and what happens to each muscle and joint when we practice yoga. Her class had a good mix of textbook learning and physical demonstrations.


I loved every bit of my 200 hours with Omology. Thank you Kylie, Nina and team <3



When Kylie revealed to our class that it took her 2 years of planning before going ahead with the first ever Omology 200hr YTT, I wasn't even surprised. In the short span of 4 weeks, I've been exposed to so many different facets of what makes up yoga and have taken away an immense amount from her teachings and wisdom that she so freely gave our group. The thoroughness of both modules and the wealth of information that was provided was truly impressive and just from day one alone, I already knew that I'd made the right choice investing in this experience with Omology.


We all knew that embarking on such a journey would be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding and by gosh, what a revealing and worthwhile journey it has been. My view of yoga has been expanded exponentially and I've also learnt so much more about myself than I anticipated. For me, yoga has always been a very balanced mix of mental and physical challenge and this YTT has been the epitome of that.


Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and for holding space for our entire group, Kylie. I am so excited to see what is in store for all of us as newly minted 200hr certified teachers!



Kylie is an amazing instructor who not only practices what she preaches, but is so generous in sharing the knowledge and experiences she possesses. She genuinely cares about each individual, and it reflects in her ways of teaching. You can see the amount of effort she puts in in her training materials, the structure of the course itself and her sharings, in addition to how well rounded the entire course was set up to be and delivered. I love her enthusiasm and the way she communicates, and you can’t help but feel that you’re in the right hands the moment you step into the training. 


It was unfortunate that the CMCO happened during our YTT, and that forced us to go online for the remaining week and half of the second module. However, it was also a good thing in the fact that it helped us prepare for the online teaching environment, which is probably just as important as the in-studio teaching environment today. Being given the opportunity to ‘teach’ from the first day of our training sets us as new teachers a steady practice and familiarity that will carry on in the days we decide to teach after the course ends, and where else would be the perfect place to make mistakes if not under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher and yogi herself? 


I did not once regret my YTT200 journey, and instead what was initially supposed to be just a ‘physical practice’ ended up being a spiritual, emotional and of course physical journey in the end. I grew so much within this intense one month, and it was worth every moment.

Nina is really knowledgable in her field of Anatomy and Yoga Medicine. I love how enthusiastic she is about her teachings. She tries very hard to ensure we all understand what she teaches, and is really there for you every step of the way. I feel thankful to have been given the opportunity to learn from Nina and hope to possibly grow my knowledge in Yoga Medicine if given the opportunity in the near future!  



The training program was impeccably curated with each session carefully planned to maximize our learning. Kylie breaks down the art of teaching to set a foundation, which we continued to build upon thereafter. The principle of teaching yoga centering upon safety of both student and teacher was evident throughout the training.

The training was structured such that ample focus was given to the philosophical aspect of yoga and it’s roots, something I find pivotal to truly appreciate yoga. The Anatomy portion by Nina was taught equally well with demonstrations of its application in practice making it easier to grasp.

We were also provided with manuals covering philosophy, teaching methods, class planning, and asanas, which prove to be indispensable references for me even upon completion of the program! These manuals as well as the comprehensive program bears testament to the ineffable dedication that went into organizing this training.