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We are a functional approach to the practice of Yoga. We believe in moving mindfully and honouring each body's unique needs.

Experience our effective, specially curated programming at our studio in Plaza Damas, or through our online studio OMOLOGY ONLINE.

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Welcome to OMOLOGY ONLINE, our online studio platform where function meets Yoga.


Our priority is delivering you a healthy, safe + engaging Yoga practice. We do this through a carefully programmed weekly schedule of classes that vary in intensity + target different muscle groups each day.


Our classes are all on-demand so you can practice anytime, anywhere. They are fun + interactive + suitable for all levels. Most classes range between 40-50 minutes long and require minimal or no Yoga props.


Our weekly class schedules are refreshed every Sunday night (GMT +8) so you can wake up on Monday morning to your week of movement already planned + waiting for you.


At OMOLOGY we develop strong, mobile physiques through a functional approach to Yoga that is engaging + enjoyable. We focus on highlighting the functional benefits of a regular yoga practice by tailoring the movements to work within each body's unique needs.

Our studio offers private group + one-to-one training.


We are also a Yoga Alliance-certified Yoga teacher training school. We regularly conduct trainings as well as continuing education courses for RYT's.

Our intention is always to create meaningful impact so that our OMOLOGY clients, + teacher trainees leave our space feeling more mindful, more comfortable in their body, + empowered in the knowledge that they have gained.

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